Projects in progress

Projects in Progress
  • Bhoomika Trust focused on disaster relief will stay with Kerala for a longer term to help with the post flood measures. Apart from providing livelihood restoration support, we are at present validating requests from schools for infrastructure repair and for replacement of damaged materials including computers.

  • Bhoomika Trust as part of its Disaster Rehabilitation and Disaster Mitigation efforts has launched an initiative to build 100 Resilient homes in the current year. Identification of beneficiaries, designing and building is in progress.

  • As part of Educate and Empower Program, Bhoomika Trust is in the process of building a primary school in Perumbakkam, mainly for the relocated children from flood devastated areas.

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Work so far

Disaster Relief

Bhoomika Trust has worked extensively with victims of disasters like the earthquake in Gujarat, the Tsunami in South India, Uttarakand floods, Jammu & Kashmir floods, Chennai floods of Dec 2015, Cyclone Vardah, Odisha floods, Assam and Bihar floods etc.

Disaster Rehabilitation

Disaster Rehabilitation

Disasters have devastating impacts, traumatizing and debilitating lives. Bhoomika Trust undertook rehabilitation efforts in the areas of restoration and rebuilding after Chennai floods 2015.

Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness

Disaster Mitigation/Preparedness

Bhoomika Trust believes that response to disaster is not just about providing relief, it is about a humanitarian response to the affected that looks beyond the immediate suffering, it is about rehabilitation of the affected through their vocation, their dwelling and finally about preparedness and disaster mitigation activity.

Education Support

Educate and Empower

Education is the most powerful tool a person can have and can help change a family’s destiny – be a part of Bhoomika Trust’s educational support initiatives.

True Gifts

True Gifts

An alternate gifting option of giving meaningfully – Bhoomika Trust’s donation based gift store that links donors’ contributions with NGO program needs.

Get Involved

Get Involved

You can help us make a difference. Volunteer your time or Donate now and be a catalyst of change that benefits people who need it the most.