100 Resilient Homes

The trust is committed to providing 100 resilient homes for families devastated by disaster, to provide them with shelter to face future calamities. Wherever necessary the project incorporates designs to elevate the floor level. However, in some areas the water levels had risen upto 6 ft.

Seniyarmedu, Accharapakkam – 16 houses
Seniyarmedu is a small hamlet in Acharapakkam Block of Kanchipuram district. This Irula colony was affected during 2015 floods and their huts were damaged. The villagers are mainly agricultural labourers who have tried to fix their small huts and continue to live here. Presently Phase 1 is in progress, in which 12 homes will be completed by July. Phase 2, will comprise 4 homes.

Samathuva Periyar Nagar in Mudichur, Tambaram – 28 houses
Samathuva Periyar Nagar, is a resettlement area where residents from Nandambakkam Cooum River bank were given land to build their huts in 2000. It was also one of the most affected areas during December 2015 floods. 12′-15′ ft height of water flowed in this area and many of the residents were rescued by boats by NDRF team. Almost all the thatched huts were destroyed by floods. Bhoomika had provided relief material and had earmarked it for its resilient homes project. Work will be undertaken in two phases. The planning is complete and building process will begin in July.

Senkazhineer odai, Manamathy – 13 houses
Manamathy is a village located in Thiruporur Block of Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu. Manamathy is located 14kms away from Thirupporur towards Thirukkazhukundram. Bhoomika Trust had provided relief materials to one of the affected clusters during Chennai floods 2015. To bring back some shelter to those whose homes were damaged, we took up the work of providing housing. Phase 3 will comprise providing 13 homes.

Maelkanakampattu – 4 houses
Melkanagampattu is a village placed in Thiruporur Block of Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu. Located in rural region of Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, it is one of the 90 villages of Thiruporur Block of Kanchipuram district. Bhoomika Trust had provided relief materials to one of the affected clusters in this village during Chennai floods 2015. Phase 2 will comprise providing 4 homes.

Arumbakkam, Poondi – 5 houses
Arumbakkam village is a small hamlet in Poondi Taluk of Thiruvallur District in Tamil Nadu. This village which is one of the affected areas in the floods of December 2015, is about 65 kms away from Chennai and situated near the Poondi reservoir. The main occupation of the villagers is fishing in the Poondi reservoir. During the floods in 2015 several thatched huts with mud walls were badly damaged. Phase 2 will comprise providing 5 homes.

Educate and Empower

Building a Primary school in Perumbakkam
As part of our Impact a School program, the Trust has drawn up plans to build a primary school in Perumbakkam. At present the school is being operated out of small tenements in the residential block. The 22,000 sq ft building with 16 classrooms, a library, staff room, computer lab, toilets etc has been conceptualised and the plan is awaiting approval from the authorities.

Karka Math Lab in partnership with Altius Foundation
Based on the significant strides made by students who have learnt Math in a technology based environment, the Trust is aiming to equip 10 additional schools with computer based Karka Math labs. Work is in progress in Government Higher Secondary School, Perumbakkam and a school in Paiyanur.

Soft Skills in Government schools
The Trust will be introducing learning modules through interactive programmes and visual aids to sensitise children to environment and Society. The pilot is being implemented in Government Higher Secondary School Perumbakkam.

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