100 Weavers support

When you are concerned about your COVID risk, when you are constrained for funds, when job security is shaky, the tendency is to conserve and to not spend on non essentials.

What we have to remember is that many of these non essentials are creations of artisans and artists who do not have an institutional support system. If we do not buy, they do not have an income.

In this context Bhoomika has launched a WEAVERS SUPPORT initiative to help some of them to go back to weaving and start selling. Bhoomika is very happy to partner Sabita Radhakrishna, an eminent textile designer and crafts activist to help 100 weavers go back to weaving. We are now working in three clusters Arni, Anakaputhur and Jalakandapuram where weavers are being provided with yarn and some minimal wages to start creating sarees. Sabita Radhakrishna our resource partner is guiding them on the designs and marketing and we are truly thrilled to be working with such a committed person. Do read the stories that she has to tell about these weavers by clicking the link we have shared below.

We have shared some of the catalogues below. We would urge you to buy for yourselves and friends and family. You can look forward to sarees made of natural fibres like banana, aloevera, bamboo etc from Anakaputhur, where about 80 odd weavers are engaged in this exciting process. Jalagandapuram probably has about 150 handloom weavers focused on cotton sarees.

Let this festive season be about supporting these weavers directly,

Support weavers. Support communities around you. It may take a year to get a semblance of normalcy and it is our responsibility to support the vulnerable.