Kerala Floods 2018 – Back to work

In the aftermath of Kerala floods 2018, several people in Wayanad district had lost their cows which was their source of income. To restore their livelihood 10 families were identified and provided cows and fodder through the Donate a Cow program.

Chennai Floods 2015 – Back to work – Equipping people with tools of trade

In the aftermath of Chennai floods 2015, Bhoomika’s focus was on the small vendors in affected communities to help them restart their livelihood and support their family. Team Bhoomika did extensive verification in the areas affected by Chennai floods where we had provided relief materials. Bhoomika provided tools of trade like push carts and tricycles for street vendors, flower vending stands, iron boxes, boats, fishing nets, tailoring machines, wet grinders, idly cookers and cooking vessels for small eateries, carpentry tools goats for dairy farming, clay for potters etc to help restore the livelihood of about 250 families.