The organisation which started as an informal coming together of a few friends to support those affected in the Gujarat Earthquake 2001, subsequently got incorporated and registered as Bhoomika Trust in the same year. The devastation caused by the Earthquake and the suffering of the people in the immediate aftermath followed by long term consequences of rebuilding livelihood, home, schools was a revelation and this emphasised the need to have an organised structure to lend an immediate helping hand to those affected by natural disasters.

Our Vision

Disasters have devastating impacts, traumatising and debilitating lives. We believe that response to disasters is not just about immediate relief but a humanitarian response to the affected that looks beyond immediate suffering. It is about rehabilitation through their vocation, their place of dwelling, the rebuilding of schools, nurturing of the children in the aftermath of the disaster. We aim to rebuild lives and livelihoods.

Our Mission

To work with underprivileged communities and individuals

  • At times of natural disasters by responding through the three phases of Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation
  • In the field of education by, supporting Children’s education through better infrastructure and qualitative intervention with an aim to make it relevant, to equip them with a mind to enquire, to be creative, sensitive to environment and people, helping preserve the planet.

About Us - Bhoomika's Response to Disasters

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Team Bhoomika


Aruna Subramaniam- Management Professional
Jayendra Panchapakesan – Founder, Qube Cinemas Technologies Pvt Ltd
Sudha Panchapakesan- Head HR, Qube Cinemas Technologies Pvt Ltd
Rinku Mecheri – Co-Founder, Chennai Volunteers

Field team

Syed Mohammed Azarudeen


Advisory members

Latha Subramaniam
Pravin Shekar

Admin team

Murali Vedachalam
Anupama Gopal