While Bhoomika has been responding actively to COVID-19, it continues its work on several other projects, primarily rehabilitation projects of earlier disasters.

Chennai Floods (2015) Rehabilitation: Building a primary school in a resettlement colony for the flood affected

Perumbakkam is one of the major resettlement areas of Chennai, where residents from slums in the canal banks in the city were relocated to. At present it is home to over 18000 families. To serve the requirements of the residents, Bhoomika is at present building a 16000 sq ft Primary school, to serve about 500 children. At present these children are studying out of temporary school accommodated in tenements. This project is slated for completion in April 2021 and the new School will be operational from the new academic year 2021-2022. The well-designed building with adequate care for light and ventilation has 14 classrooms, a library, a computer lab and staff rooms along with adequate toilets.

Kerala rains (2018) Rehabilitation: Creating a new building in a high school in place of a flood damaged building

The Kerala rains of 2018 devastated a 100 year old school damaging many of the buildings. Bhoomika is at present putting up a new building on stilts with 5 classrooms, Principal’s room, staff room and toilets, in Kuttamangalam, Alappuzha district. The project is expected to be completed by September 2021.

Educate and Empower

Scholarships and assistance to students
With delayed reopening of schools and colleges Bhoomika is continuing to pay fees, provide smart phones for remote learning to students.

“Let’s Learn”- Remote Learning Program for Government School Children
Bhoomika is piloting a remote learning programme for Government primary school children. Volunteers teach children in an interactive mode through WhatsApp video, zoom classes. The teacher student ratio is being kept at 1:2 to facilitate optimum learning as most students are well below their grade benchmark. At present around 50 students are being taught.

“I wanna learn” a Math learning platform for students in partnership with Altius Foundation
Based on the significant strides made by students who have learnt Math in a technology-based environment, the Trust is working on introducing this platform to Government school children by providing them access to laptops. We are also in the process of introducing the programme in Savithri Ammal oriental school for grades 6th to 8th by creating a computer lab with 40 systems.

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