COVID-19: An Appeal for Donations from Bhoomika Trust

What we have done so far

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Let’s give them hope: Let’s feed them

We need you to donate generously at this time. We have launched a programme to ensure that disadvantaged daily wage earners have enough to eat during COVID-19 regulations.

We are working closely with the Government channels to ensure that disadvantaged communities have enough to eat and that their needs are catered to effectively and as soon as possible.

Bhoomika has earlier coordinated and organised supplies for shelters housing migrants and homeless. We have supported charitable homes with residents who were facing the bleak prospect of shortage of funds and dwindling commitments for their wards.

We are working with Government hospitals to provide them personal protection gear.

This is going to be an ongoing effort to ensure that people are fed. As our team verifies and coordinates this round the clock, we need your support.