“For me, what started out as an exercise in data and analysis took on a much more personal tone when I started interacting with the affected migrant workers one day during distribution of rations. The feeling of doing something meaningful through something I am very good at but is oftentimes impersonal number crunching is one that I will hold on to for a long time. Thank you for this – and I know I will do this every time when required.”

“This was my first time volunteering for Bhoomika and it was a fulfilling experience. It was amazing to see how they changed course as the nature of the problems changed and how they tried to use technology to assist them. While I’ve volunteered for a few other NGOs before, the key attribute I noticed here is their willingness to listen and adopt to changes suggested if they deemed fit.”

“Volunteering for Bhoomika gave me an opportunity to work with a highly compassionate and organized team, which has gone beyond and above to ensure safe return of stranded workers. It’s an experience of a lifetime for me and it enriched me immensely”

“Exhausting, Frustrating, Uplifting – Mixed bag of emotions helping migrant workers get home. Deeply insightful experience on human behavior. Deep respect for fellow volunteers and the team at Bhoomika for what has to be the most heartbreaking and thankless job ever. Totally worth it :-)”

“The ability of Bhoomika to take on every task with utmost sincerity and dedication has left me stunned as I derive inspiration from you all. It is very motivating to have mentors from Bhoomika. Striving to be a valuable member of the team under your guidance”

“It has been a very humbling experience – Totally indebted to Bhoomika for giving me this opportunity. In depth detailing and ensuring that every person’s need is taken care of. Not a small feat! Very grateful to be associated with such an organization – so much learning ”

“Working on the project in close coordination with Bhoomika has helped us understand the amount of pain and hard work that each and every individual has gone through during the period of crisis. At the end of the day what matters the most is that there was someone who could be the ears of the migrant workers, link with the authorities and help facilitate their travel to their hometown. This journey however brief it was is something I would cherish for the rest of my life. ”

“I felt blessed to have been a part of such noble work. Such dedicated and meticulous team work. So inspiring ”

“My heart cried softly every time a sad graphic image of migrant workers flashed on the news. Thanks Bhoomika for giving me a teeny weeny role to play. It meant the world to me. ”

So grateful to have been able to work with Bhoomika and do what everybody should do-be human. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute in a small way in fulfilling a very basic wish of our fellow brothers and sisters – to be Home! To say this experience was overwhelming would be an understatement. Every second was a realisation of how blessed we are and a sense of responsibility dawned to make sure all the recipients of our calls also feel taken care of. ”

“It was about treating them with dignity and empathy – we learnt it from Bhoomika team because they patiently heard each story of the migrant from us. This really encouraged us to see that none were left behind. Thanks Bhoomika.”

“The experience was truly an enriching and humbling one. Working with the various efforts initiated by Bhoomika, from the helpline to the data management to facilitate travel of migrant workers – each of these experiences taught me many lessons that I will find handy in the future. Special thanks to Bhoomika team for always being patient with me, explaining everything so clearly and helping me out whenever I was unable to overcome an obstacle.”

“The Courtesy, Dignity and Grace that migrants show in times of total depravity, hunger and helplessness, is a lesson I learnt about the real value of a person. I also learnt that the truly generous are those who have so little to give. I’m grateful to Bhoomika for this chance at redemption.”

“It was just a post made by my friend, asking for people who could speak Malayalam.” Little did I know that it was going to have a great impact on the way I perceive things.Bhoomika has played a major role in giving me a framework of how things work when a volunteering activity is undertaken. From how the activity is taken, to the operations of it and how important it is  to close the loop as well when the work is completed. I would like to extend my  full support  to the activities undertaken by  Bhoomika in the future too.”

“It happens to all of us – there always seems to be a moment of pause when we realise how privileged we are to have what we have.All the news flashing about the floods made me restless and when a tweet flashed, I reached out to Bhoomika.

From there on what we did is what I will cherish for the rest of my life. Working as a team with one goal made the difference and that connected to what I am. Wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Bhoomika for making me realise it when it was most needed.”

“It was a great experience. I am glad that I could be a part of such a fantastic team! “