GAJA Cyclone – Restoration of 5 schools (Tamilnadu)

Many schools across districts have tiled roof and a few schools continue to have sheet roof. The cyclone with an average speed of 130 kms per hour blew away the roof tops of several schools in its path, damaging structures, tiles and sheet roof flying away. As part of its “Back to School” program, Bhoomika restored and upgraded several schools, the motto being, “Rebuild better”.

Government High School in Ezhilur Panchayat – Thirutharaipoondi block, Thiruvarur district. The school had 128 children. The building suffered some structural damages externally. The flooring was upgraded, ceiling repaired and the entire building and compound wall were repaired and painted. The toilets were refurbished.

Panchayat Union Primary School – Thirutharaipoondi block, Thiruvarur district. The school had 124 children. The entire tiled roof of the school had blown away. The flooring and roof and windows were completely redone, the girls and boys toilets were redone with fresh tiling and provision of new water tanks. The entire school was painted brightly.

Aided Primary School – Kokkaladi Panchayat, Thirutharaipoondi block, Thiruvarur district.
This school had 76 children. Both the tiled roof and RCC roof were damaged. The school had an unfinished building as a noon meal centre. In addition to providing extensive roof repair works, redoing windows, doors, patch work for flooring, the unfinished building was completed with plastering and provision of windows and doors. All buildings were repainted to make it look like a new school.

Thiruvalluvar Aided Primary School – Thirumanangudi, Nagapattinam district. The school had 155 children. The cyclone had damaged the tiled roof of the school extensively. Tiles were replaced with new wooden rafters, flooring was redone in all buildings wherever needed, windows and doors were repaired. Extensive repair works to the noon meal centre was done. All buildings were painted fresh.

Valluvar Aided Primary School – Vittukatti Panchayat, Thirutharaipoondi block, Thiruvarur district. This school had 69 students. The roof of two classrooms that were damaged after the cyclone were replaced, flooring was patched where needed and the entire school was repainted.