Bihar Floods 2017 – a snapshot

  • 17 districts were affected
  • 500 deaths
  • 2000 panchayats suffered because of the floods
  • 17 million people were affected
  • 5 million people lost their homes

Bhoomika’s Relief Efforts

As Bihar battled rains and floods leaving over 1.7 crore people affected the devastation was of a mind boggling magnitude. While we pondered over the larger question of resilience and capacity building to cope with disaster and mitigation, Bhoomika worked with local NGOs to reach out to some of the affected families.To many of the displaced people in the flood ravaged regions of Bihar and other states, the thought of going back home is about cooking a meal for their family. Bhoomika Trust’s volunteers packed and despatched 3000 thoughtfully put together utensils kits for the flood displaced families.

Bihar Floods 2017 Map



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