“We are proud design partners to Bhoomika Trust who through sheer hard work and dedication make immense contributions to the lives of many people who need help. It’s been nothing but fulfilment and joy to do our bit as architects and give back to the communities that can benefit the most through design, buildings and improved infrastructure: Together with Bhoomika, we have seen spaces transform from ones of need, to those of happiness. We cherish and value this collaboration.”
“Bhoomika is the most dedicated and selfless group, yet professional to the core whom we were fortunate to have teamed up with during Kerala Floods, 2018. The Bhoomika team was led by Ms. Latha who worked 24/7 through call centres, supply and logistics management and field interventions. The dedication and passion of the team was exemplary and the emotional turmoils that we collectively went through will never be forgotten. The Kerala floods were the worst in a century and the response of Bhoomika was once in a lifetime.”
“It was just a post made by my friend, asking for people who could speak Malayalam.” Little did I know that it was going to have a great impact on the way I perceive things.Bhoomika has played a major role in giving me a framework of how things work when a volunteering activity is undertaken. From how the activity is taken, to the operations of it and how important it is  to close the loop as well when the work is completed. I would like to extend my  full support  to the activities undertaken by  Bhoomika in the future too.”

“It happens to all of us – there always seems to be a moment of pause when we realise how privileged we are to have what we have.All the news flashing about the floods made me restless and when a tweet flashed, I reached out to Bhoomika.

From there on what we did is what I will cherish for the rest of my life. Working as a team with one goal made the difference and that connected to what I am. Wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Bhoomika for making me realise it when it was most needed.”

“It was a great experience. I am glad that I could be a part of such a fantastic team! “
“At Bharathi homes we always wanted to do some thing which impacts society positively. Working with Bhoomika gave us an opportunity not only to build a house but also interact with a community, understand their problems as well as how we can look at business to also create overall impact. It was fulfilling to work on a contract which helps affected people live in their own homes.”